Assessment Across The School

At Mayfield, we understand how important it is to show the progress that each child makes throughout their time in school. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each child receives an education that enables them to make rapid and sustained progress in all areas of the curriculum. During the school year, the class staff will gather evidence from a range of sources, including photographs, video clips and examples of work. The teacher will then use this evidence to reach a conclusion and teacher judgment, which can be recorded as a P Level or National Curriculum Level, using the APP handbook to support.

The class teacher and senior leadership team will meet at 3 points during the academic year to discuss each child’s progress to date, and will moderate each judgment to ensure that children are being challenged and supported. It is sometimes necessary at these meetings for us to set ‘Interventions’ for individual children. This could be due to a child not meeting their expected progress, or may help the child to make outstanding progress in a certain area. When this happens we ensure that parents are involved in the process and we send copies of the interventions home so that families can support their child too.

We use the National Progression Guidance to support us to set targets and hold high expectations and we have made graphs for each subject and strand to show how this expected progress will look over time. We find that this is a useful tool to explaining to parents and visitors the difference between those children making expected progress and those who are working towards above expected progress.

Year Whole School Analysis
At the end of each academic year, we analyse the attainment and progress of all children across the school and key stages. From this information, we are able to then forecast pupil targets for the following year and begin to use this information to aid us in writing the school development plan and the school’s self-evaluation documents. Below is the analysis of the data for the past 3 years for English and Maths, at Key Stages, 2, 3 & 4.

During the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) the children will follow the EYFS Framework, which outlines the curriculum and shows expectations against 7 areas of learning. Our staff are trained in completing both formative (ongoing) and summative (end of year) assessments through the EYFS Development Matters document. This is a really useful assessment tool for informing next steps and in showing professionals and parents the expected developmental steps for a child at different ages. Each child in the EYFS has a Learning Journey Folder, which shows the progress they have made to date and showcases the range of exciting learning that has taken place, including photos and work samples.

EYFSP Data Review July 2014 document below summarises the progress made by children in Reception during the academic year 2013-2014. It also includes an action plan, which shows how we intend to further improve outcomes for children in Nursery and Reception.

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