International Links

Mayfield is extremely proud of our International Links as part of the Connecting Classrooms initiative led by the British council. Connecting Classrooms provides opportunities for schools in the UK to link with a partner school in a developing country. Mayfield has embraced this opportunity and built secure links with schools nationally and internationally.

Our partner school is Mampong Demonstration school for the Deaf. Initial visit took place in 2012 to establish links and relationships; at this point there were 2 UK schools involved and 2 Ghanaian schools. Over the past few years the cluster of schools involved has expanded and there are now 10 UK schools involved in the project, all with partner schools in Ghana. Reciprocal visits have taken place during this time which have had an invaluable impact on teaching and learning in relation to global issues. Projects with the school include the introduction of PECS as an alternative mode of communication for students attending Mampong school; this has been a key focus as part of the human rights and responsibilities topic work carried out in both schools.

Staf in Mampong

Our partner school is RASA special school in Chennai ( Initial visits to our partner school took place in March 2014 and a reciprocal visit happened later in the year. There are currently three schools in the cluster and all take part in joint curriculum projects. Pupils and teachers regularly communicate to share good practice, ideas and address global issues to develop their understanding and compassion for the difficulties people face in a country less well developed than their own.

Mayfield has also worked with schools in Peru, Soweto and Cumbria and will continue to create successful links and partnerships to ensure our staff, pupils, families and local communities are provided with unique learning opportunities.

Indian Gymnasts
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Indian Traditions
Indian Traditions

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